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MARK IV Property Management Systems, Inc. is a fully licensed and accredited company specializing in the management of rental properties and homeowners associations.

Our experienced, specialized, and courteous staff is prepared to provide you with the most professional service obtainable.

Our service area includes Paso Robles, Templeton, and Atascadero, San Miguel and S.L.O.

The following is a description of services provided to all clients of MARK IV:


1. Advertising of your rental property on our website, on Craigslist and placement of signs at your property.

2. Flat fee charged as a leasing commission that includes advertising costs (no additional charge-backs to you).

3. Advertising of your rental on our tenant-friendly website.

4. Placement of a professional sign at your property.

5. Distribution of rental lists featuring your property.

6. Presentation of your rental to prospective tenants.

7. Receipt of applications from prospective tenants.

8. Careful screening of tenant applications, including extensive research of credit history, state criminal history, prior tenancy, income, etc.

9. Interview between Property Manager and prospective tenant.

10. Execution of written Lease Agreement and receipt of rent and security deposits prior to occupancy.

11. Written move-in inspection checklist.

12. Disbursement of Keys.


1. Monthly billing statements and return envelopes mailed to tenants, to encourage prompt rent payment.

2. Optional automatic rent payment withdrawal from tenant’s checking account, further insuring prompt rent payment.

3. Receipt and posting of all rents.

4. Processing of all accounts payables related to property (if any) including utilities, contracted services, mortgages, etc.

5. Preparation of a detailed month-end financial report for owner of property reflecting all income and expenses.

6. Preparation of tenant security deposit disposition following thorough move-out inspection checklist.

7. Preparation of reports for accountant, attorney, or governmental agencies, if requested.

8. Monthly disbursement of funds to owner of property on a timely basis.


1. Accurate maintenance of all financial records

2. Accurate maintenance of all legal, insurance, and repair files as well as any contracts that pertain to your property.

3. Accurate maintenance of all tenant records, past and present.

4. Handling of all tenant/landlord correspondence (telephone calls, faxes, letters, and emails).


1. Regular inspection of property site by Property Manager.

2. Overseeing of all contracted services on property site (if any) landscape maintenance, pest control, etc.

3. Processing of all tenant service requests including screening of the service request, dispatch of appropriate vendors, and follow-up of services performed.

4. Careful review and payment of invoices.

5. 24 hour repair hotline.

6. We use only licensed, insured and pre-screened contractors and vendors.


1. Compliance with all current Civil Codes that apply to Landlord/Tenant law.

2. Enforcement of all provisions stipulated in Lease Agreement.

3. Legal notices served upon tenant for any violations of Lease Agreement.

4. Assist attorney in processing of all necessary evictions.

5. Appearance in court, as an agent for the owner of the property, if necessary for any Landlord/Tenant disputes.


Managing Agent shall render the following services and perform duties as Agent of the Association, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, as follows:

Fiscal and Accounting Services for the project shall include:

Assist the Board in complying with California Civil Code cc1365-cc1367.

Assist the Association in the preparation of an annual budget, to be reviewed by the Board and presented to the Members for approval. This budget shall serve as the basis for assessments for the ensuing year.

Monthly preparation of Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements.

Preparation and distribution of Semi-Annual and Annual Financial Reports to the Board.

Preparation and mailing of delinquent notices.

Follow up on all delinquencies to effectuate collection for amounts owed.

Preparation of correspondence and reports of reasonable request by the Board of Directors.

Assist in performance of Audits with auditors appointed by the Board of Directors.

Prepare checks on a timely basis and disburse to all project vendors.

Timely preparation and submission of reports and forms to governmental agencies, unless otherwise required of the Attorney or Accountant.

Agent shall assist the association in matters relating to protection of the property against risks, and are enumerated as follows:

Recommend insurance coverage as are required to protect the property.

Prepare insurance specifications for bid proposals, and secure bids under the direction of the Board of Directors.

With the approval of the Board of Directors, place and appropriate insurance coverage for fire, and general liabilities.

Assist in processing insurance claims.

Meetings - Board of Directors, Annual meetings of the Association of Owners, and Special Meetings

Assist in the preparation and mailing of notices, proxies, ballots and agendas, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the By-Laws.

Duplication and mailing of notices of meetings, agendas, ballots, proxies, minutes, officer's reports, etc., shall be at the expense of the Association.

Attend all such meetings to assist in the recording of proceedings and to supply records that might be needed at these meetings.

Prepare and present for approval, all requests for reports such as financial, contractual, operational and others of a regular nature.

Records and Correspondence

Maintain all financial records of the Association and its members

Change records of ownerships upon receipt of advise of Owners, with supporting documentation (small additional charge).

Maintain complete files for all correspondence.

Agent shall maintain current owner's lists.

Other Administrative Functions

Prepare specifications for the acceptance of bids from service vendors as well as make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the awarding of service contracts.

Inventory all furniture, equipment, tools, and supplies, or shall recommend purchase of the same where necessary.

Maintain businesslike relations with Owners, and shall respond in systematic fashion to requests for services.

Supervise the maintenance of common facilities in accordance with acceptable standards.

Negotiate and retain contracts and services, including utilities, trash removal, fire equipment, building equipment and other contract services.


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